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This    is    a    New    world

This is a new world i am making it has guns and less magic.
Here are some wepons i made for it.

Wepon                 Cost    Damg          Range    wht type sp  
Long Hand gun         1000g   1d10/1d12  10/50/100    4p    p  10
Shot gun              100g    1d6/1d6    5/10/20      5p    p  1/2
Reaping Gun           900g    1d8/1d10   10/20/40     3p    p   7
Long Hand Gun 
The Long Hand Gun is kinda a sniper rifle.
At short range it ingnors all armor beside magic keeps its + or - 
and is +1 to hit
At medium range ot halfs the amror value
At long it is a -2 to their amror value
If a 8 is rolles on the Damage dice role again. you can still role as long as you get an 8 or more.

Shot Gun
This is a spread shot gun
The shot gun is +3 at short range
-1 at medium range
-5 at long
it has a spread , it gets 1ft wider every 5 feet

Reaping Gun 
This gun has shells and can shot once a round
it has the same AC rules as the Long Hand Gun
-2 to hit at medium range
-3 to hit at Long.

All range moditfires are Different in this world.

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