This is the rules for a new Character class called Assassin

Assassins are people who kill for money and are good at it they are not as strong as fighter but stronger that a theif. They have fighter skills and theif skills but not all of both.

Assassin are to make more fighting with in the party on party meber pays the assassin to kill anther.
Assassin will always kill someone if they get pay anof.

Assassins can be any race.
max lv are are between figter and thieft like if u can be a 15th lv figter and a 18th lv thief u can be a 17th lv  Assassin
They get the WarriorThaco
They get Warrior saving throws
they get 1d8 hp a level untill lv 10 which they get +2hp.
they may not wear any armor.
they may only use Short Swords, darts ,dagars,kniffes,hand x-bow
they are allowed to get fighter exceptional strenght
they can backstab
they get some thiefing abilities. they start out as a theif but use a bards table when they go to there next leval.they can climb walls,they can hear noise,they can hide in shadows,theycan move silently.
Divination spells dont work on the Assassin
They can cast at 1/lv darknes 1/day,at 5 they can cast contiul Darknes 1/day.

They get 3 wepon prof. and 1 ever 4lv
they get 3 non wepon and 1 every 3lv

experience need to go up a lv
2nd  2400
3rd   4800
4rd  9600
5th   24000
6th   48000
7th   96000
8th   180000
9th   336000
10+ 360000 each leval after 9th

Pc    Sheets

Character                                                         Sex
Align.                                                                Ht.             .
Race                                                                 Wt.             .                  
Class                                                                 Hair                                     King
Level                                                                 Eyes           .                       Hagar
Religion                                                            Age             . 
Homeland                                                          Social Class                   .
Status                                                                Birth Rank             .
# Siblings                                                           Honor                              .
Liege                                                                  Reaction adjustment                            ,

Str.      Sta.           Weight Allowance                          .
            Muscle       Att. a.       Dam. a.       Max Press         open d.       Bend bars       .
Dex.       Aim             Missile Adj.               .
               Balance           Reac. adj.       Def Adj.       .
Con.       Health               System Shock               Poison Save           Regen                .
               Fitness              Hit Point Adjustment            Resurrection Chance              .
Int.         Reason             Spell Level            Max # Spells           Spell immunity         .
               Knowledge           Bonus # Profs.               % Learn Spell                .
Wis.        Intuition             Bonus Spells             % Spell Failure                    .
               Willpower             Magic Def. Adj.             Spell immunity              .
Char       Leadership           Loyalty Base              # of Henchmen                 .               Appearance           Reaction Adjustment                .

Armor                                                                      Hit Points              .
   Ac                                                                         Wounds                 .    

Weapons         #at           Att/dam adj          Thaco       Damage            Range       wht        Size        Type  Speed
Racial Ablilities

Special Attacks

Special Abilities

Proficiencies /skills /languages

Thieving Skills                                                   Money
Pick Pockets                                                       Copper
Open Locks                                                        Silver
Find/remove Traps                                             Electrum
Move Silently                                                     Gold
Hide in Shadows                                                 Platinum
Detect Noise          
Climb Walls                                                        Saving Throws
Read Languages                                                        Paralyze/poison                         
Detect Illusion                                                      Rod,Staff or wand
Bribe                                                                                          Peirify/polymorph
Tunneling                                                                                  Breath Weapon
Escape Bonds                                                           Spells



Alignment     Intelligence     Ac      Hit Dice       Hp       #of at.     Morale     Size    .   Sp. At.                                   Sp. Def.                          Movement        Dam on at.       .
Spells/Psionics            W/   /  /  /  /  /  /  /   /   /   /        PR/   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   P/  /   /   /

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